Going Beyond

Company Profile

Beyond Rentals is a B2B rental hub that helps connect both the rental suppliers and clients closer with digital solutions, we will be implementing a wide range of tech solutions to help navigate both suppliers and clients towards the digital future with new opportunities and innovation.

We aim to do the right thing by extending our recommendation to our clients with sustainable options. Robotics Solutions is one of our main rental product lines as we believe that it will help our clients go beyond the human capability for their operational needs, sustainably reducing diesel-operated machinery with electric robotics.

We are dedicated to create value and solve the rental industry challenges by maintaining our “Going Beyond” service standards for our clients and sharing our digital solution with our supplier partners.


We are on a mission to mobilize assets/equipment and redefine flexible ownership. Our vision is to be the largest B2B rental hub in Southeast Asia and Beyond.


Our core values are to provide beyond our customer's expectations and provide feasible solutions and sustainable value to their business with our rental solutions and product offer.

Beyond Rentals was a rebrand of Sharent Singapore, founded in 2018. Since then we have pivoted our business in 2019 to a B2B rental company with a new brand and focusing our core focus; industrial rentals and robotics solution which we have thrived since 2020. We are driven to continue providing digital solutions to both our clients and suppliers as a rental hub to bring the industry towards a digital future.