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Asset Management with Blockchain and Technology. 

We manage heavy equipment for clients and investors, our management involves overseeing the acquisition, maintenance, and deployment of the equipment in order to maximize its value and generate returns. This may include researching and purchasing the most cost-effective and efficient equipment for a particular project, maintaining the equipment to ensure it remains in good working order, and deploying the equipment to maximize its productivity and minimize downtime. In addition, we utilize technology and blockchain for tracking and reporting on the performance of the equipment, as well as developing strategies for maximizing its value over the long term.

Who do we work with?

Our Investors 

AUM for Beyond Investment Funds and tokenized heavy equipment fleet. 

Heavy Equipment OEM

Our OEM partners that work with us for assets tokenization and trusted us to manage their equipment.

Equipment Owners 

Equipment owners such as dealers, rental company and construction groups that will appoint us to manage their equipment fleet on their behalf.

Let us manage your assets 

$3,000 AUM credits

Be on our waitlist and claim your $3,000 worth of credits for Beyond Machinery's AUM services.

Why Beyond?

Work with us and Rediscover Your Confidence

Technology and Sustainablity driven

Beyond the financial returns, we strongly believe in developing our long-term capabilities and impact.


Ecosystem infrastructure 

We have a robust ecosystem for the Beyond Group that will be able to help accelerate financial and non finanncial benefits at large.

Let's Get Started


Thanks for your equiry!

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