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Beyond Rentals

We are a blockchain-enabled rental platform that provides rental management services to our investors and clients, managing all their heavy equipment rental activities on BR-OS.

Equipment end users can easily access a wide range of heavy equipment and construction needs available for rental, with ERP features on our platform and blockchain on our platform infrastructure.

Claim your Beyond Credits 

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$1,000 Rental Credits for your heavy equipment rentals 

The rental credits allow your company to offset your equipment rental from our platform. $100 off per rental transaction and valid for 12 months from the issued date*


$16,800 BR-OS credits 

The BR-OS Credits will allow you to offset all costs for using our blockchain enable equipment rental platform for the next 24 months from the start of your account creation with us.


$100 Refferal Credits

$100 credits rewarded for every successful referral, credits. (Credits utilization will be updated)

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